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Albury Autocare can service your new car and still maintain statutory warranty.

To maintain the warranty you don't need to have your car serviced at the dealership of manufacturer you bought it from, as confirmed (page 35) by the Australian Competition and Consumer Comission (ACCC). Albury Autocare in Albury South are fully qualified to perform expert car servicing that protects your right to a warranty on your new vehicle. Call us today for a free quote!

65 Point Vehicle Inspection report

With our 65 Point Vehicle Inspection report our mechanics will also check for warning signs in many components of your vehicle which could be covered under your warranty – allowing you to address any possible problems while the vehicle is under warranty.

We offer value for money and our family business ethic means you can come and talk to the mechanic that works on your car at anytime.

What is a New Car Warranty?

Under the federal consumer warranty laws, every new vehicle is covered by a Statutory warranty, without you needing to sign or pay for extra paperwork. Provided the vehicle has been properly used and maintained, any faults appearing within the first few years of ownership have to be remedied or repaired on behalf of the manufacturer at no cost to owner. Depending on the nature of the fault, remedy may be applicable for 5 or more years after purchase.

What is Expressed and Extended Warranty?

There are also Expressed Warranties marketed by the manufacturer, usually limited by a 2-3 years. Please note that these time limited warranties are another copy of the Statutory warranty which applies anyway.

Extended Warranties provide a longer period of cover, and you can purchase them at the time you buy your car or sometimes they are provided free of charge by the dealership. It is important to take the time to read the fine print of these warranties as they can have many provisions that need to be comprehended.

How to maintain New Car Warranty?

Under a motor vehicle Statutory Warranty, manufacturers and their dealers are entitled to insist that servicing is carried out:

• by suitably qualified staff;
• according to the manufacturer’s documented specifications;
• using appropriate quality parts where required.

Provided these conditions are met, regardless of where the car is serviced, the warranty will remain intact.

Qualified mechanics

Qualified staff is someone who is qualified to perform car servicing - like a fully trained mechanic. At Albury Autocare, our fully qualified mechanics are constantly keeping their skills current through regular training workshops with the Repco Auto Tech program – Australia’s leading aftermarket provider of automotive technical training and information.

Manufacturer’s specifications

Albury Autocare always services your car to the specifications laid out by the manufacturer. Our Smart Quote and Auto Tech Encyclopedia systems ensure we have access to the latest service schedules for all popular makes and models.

Quality parts

In this instance, quality means the parts need to fit the purpose intended, regardless of who manufactured the part. A non-genuine part that is fully interchangeable and meets or exceeds the original equipment specifications, then it is deemed fit or appropriate for the purpose and it will not void the statutory warranty.

Qualified New Car Service in Albury South

As a Repco Authorised Car Service centre in Albury South, Albury Autocare only use top quality parts and lubricants such as Bosch, Monroe, Castrol and of course, Repco. Repco is part of the Genuine Parts Company (GPC), the leading global supplier of automotive parts and accessories. We are always happy to discuss your options when it comes to the parts we use.

Call us now and book your car in for New Car Warranty Service!

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